We go beyond the routine book-keeping. We can help with SMEs, start-ups, and branch offices of foreign companies.

/ For SMEs | Our personalised service can deliver assistance on compliance issues like tax, and even the analysis of a company’s financial position.

/ For start-ups | We can help set up accounting systems, procedures and policies according to your business environment.

/ For branch offices of foreign companies | We are able to become your outsourced accounts department. This ensures timely submission of financial reports to your head office, and we can also highlight variance and key performance indicators to the local General Manager.


Review and understand client’s document process flow, information system, and reporting needs

Customise report formats according to client’s needs

Plan a schedule to meet submission deadline/s

Adopt a systematic and cost-effective process that starts from data entry to completion of accounts


Set up of proper accounting systems, accounting procedures and policies

Accounting-related administrative services like preparation of payment vouchers, provision of cheque signatory, bank in and filing of cheques.

Preparation of financial reports and schedules as follows:

/ Monthly financial statement inclusive of

/ Balance sheet

/ Fixed assets schedule

/ Sales and cost of sales matching analysis

/ Profit and loss statements by project

/ Variance reports

/ Highlights on key performance indicators

/ Profit and loss statement

/ Trial balance

/ Bank reconciliation

/ Cash flow forecast

/ Departmental reports

/ Tax returns submission


Our firm has the resources to respond at short notice to attend to ad-hoc assignment as well as urgent accounting work. Some services we offer include:

/ Prepare financial statements to meet deadlines imposed by third parties

/ Reconstruct accounts from incomplete record

/ Clear ‘messy’ accounts and backlog

/ Take over the accounting function on a short-term and temporary basis, normally when the company is in the process of restructuring or when the accounts department is under-staffed due to unforeseen circumstances