We are a professional team of accountants working with enthusiasm and always focused on meeting our clients expectations.

Tax and Financial Advice.

Our core business is financial advice in the following areas:

/ Providing tax efficient solutions for our clients.

/ Ensuring our clients are complicit with local tax laws and regulations.

However, we can also advise and assist in other financial matters.

/ Minimising tax compliance costs. This can be achieved through accurate and timely filling in of tax returns, and the compliance of legal accounting and administrative procedures, thus avoiding tax penalties and late payment interests that could otherwise occur.

/ Taking advantage of tax incentives and other benefits. Examples: (1) Helping our clients to recover VAT not collected from bad debts. (2) Assisting our clients to choose the correct location to manage their operations. By taking into consideration the different levels of taxation from the most welcoming jurisdictions to entrepreneurs.

/ When a company invests, for instance in a low income jurisdiction, the local population benefits from that investment.

/ By guiding businesses to take advantage of tax initiatives, we are helping with the local government’s objectives of attracting investment and development.

/ By helping individuals, especially the retired from northern Europe, to moved to Portugal and take advantage of the “Regime for Non-Habitual Residents”. This phenomenon has increased the sale of property and contributed to the recovery of the Portuguese economy.

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